Betsey, Oh Betsey!
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Wednesday, 27 June 2012
Today the kids and my husband cleaned house. What does that have to do with vintage sewing patterns? It means the kids are being rewarded with a trip to the pizza/play place.  It has free wi-fi. So while the kids and dad play, I finally get a chance to add some patterns to the website and write a blog post. I used to get lots of time to do this when the kids were smaller and my husband (the night worker) was sleeping during the day. Since I couldn't lug the boxes of pattern along to list, I added images and information to this archive. I haven't taken much time to work on the pattern archive lately.

So tonight I went searching amongst my contributors for Betsey Johnson patterns. I really like her 1970s designs. They are so carefree and creative. Below are a few of the patterns I added tonight.

Butterick 3512  Butterick 4089

Butterick 4086   Butterick 4679

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Sixties Workbasket Mail Order
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Thursday, 15 March 2012
After a long break, I am adding pattern images to the database again. A huge thanks to Angie for letting me know that I accidentally broke the database. As an ex-Software QA person, I am very good at breaking things. Sometimes it takes me a little while to figure out the fix. But once I worked out the fix, I was hooked on adding images.

I love mail order patterns. I became a bit obsessed with collecting Workbasket magazines a few years ago. There are boxes stashed in various corners of various rooms. This week the box of shipping envelopes ran dry so I cleaned the top of the filing cabinet and found one of those boxes of Workbasket magzines. 

The stack I'm working on is currently in the 1960's. Later, we'll visit the 1970's and then the 1980's. The 1980's mail order patterns tend to sadden me. The designers seem to throw away all thoughts of 'designing' garments and instead gave us sack-like garments to sew. Yet, somehow more pieces and more steps were needed to sew these sack-like garments. There's something to be said about the mind who could design a 1950's dress requiring nine pattern pieces with one sheet of instructions.

Of the early 1960s mail order patterns that I've been scanning tonight, the word that comes to mind is 'tabs'. Tabs were big. Collar tabs that criss cross and button down to the bodice. Tabs that come over from the back and for the 'shoulder seams' as they button the dress together or hold an attached shrug to the dress. The cleverness of the designs captivate me.

Mail Order Sewing Patterns Tabs Tabbed Shrug Mail Order Sewing Pattern Workbasket tabbed dresses

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The Style of Style Patterns
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Thursday, 06 January 2011
I've always loved the flowing feminity of the Style patterns. If you look on the back of the Style patterns you'll find the Simplicity name. Like most other things these days, the pattern companies have become one big conglomerate so I don't suppose it really matter which name is behind these patterns. I just know that I like the flowing romantic dresses and the strong sculptural dresses.  The Style brand name goes back a ways so you'll see older patterns as well. My favorites are still those from the 80s and 90s.



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